Decorating Nautical Theme

decorating nautical theme

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Nautical theme

Nautical theme

We were passing through this lovely shady wooded portion of the trail somewhere in Saanich when we suddenly heard the dreamy sounds of a man talking smoothly in French, and then jazz began to play. We pulled over in front of it: outside of someone's house, they had decorated the border of their property with bricolage/folk glass art (for sale, of course; name a price!) and left a radio playing a french-canadian jazz station. It was just lovely.

We used the Lochside Trail, a multi use path, to get from the Galloping Goose Trail in urban Victoria to the ferries - a total of 32 km from downtown Victoria. It passes through the town (as a fairly urban multi use trail much like the Burke Gilman or Springwater), then through suburbs and nature reserves, leafy forests, and for about 1/4 of its length close alongside the freeway (like the I-205 path in Portland).

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance 10/08/2007

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance 10/08/2007

This is the Admiral Benbow pub in Chapel Street, Penzance. It is a pub and restaurant, with a nautical theme, and is named after the famous 17TH Century Admiral John Benbow.

The son of a Shrewsbury leather tanner, Benbow went to sea in the merchant service and served as a navigating master before he rose to commissioned rank as a captain in 1689. His bravery and professionalism subsequently won him rapid promotion under William III.

Decorating the inn are cannon and figure heads, much of it authentic, being brought up by divers from some of the many wrecks found off the notorious Cornish coast.

The inn was originally converted from an old cottage, and from the front, the outside still has a quaint feel with its small paned windows. One unusual feature is a smuggler on the roof.

decorating nautical theme

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