Room decor accessories. Pictures of bathroom decor.

Room Decor Accessories

room decor accessories

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Who likes Pink

Who likes Pink

This afghan is in three colors of Pink, that is Pink, Rose and Light Country Rose. It perfect a perfect room accessory for any room with rose or pink in it. Give your room a little something. The design is unique and not just a ripple or wave.

So soft and warm, this is great for any age group and the size is extra large, it covers the top of a king bed.

Made of acrylic yarn, this throw is easy care just machine wash and dry. This will last forever.

Size 52" x 72"

Pumpkin Harvest Orange Throw

Pumpkin Harvest Orange Throw

This orange throw is made in a beautiful pattern. Lighter in weight, this afghan will make a wonderful accent to any room. It goes year round. I personally like it because the open shell pattern looks a little like hearts. It is made with tassels, but can be taken off if you prefer.

approx. 43"x63" easy care, machine wash and dry, made from Red Heart Carrot yarn

Can also be made in different colors or size

room decor accessories

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