Outdoor Frog Decorations : Easter Cupcake Decoration.

Outdoor Frog Decorations

outdoor frog decorations

  • A thing that serves as an ornament

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  • hunt frogs for food

Rock Frog 1

Rock Frog 1

I've been getting tired of only using mirror and stained glass in my mosaics. The shininess and colors are too man-made looking for me these days. So I had an idea to incorporate pebbles. I love the juxtaposition of the earthy colors and textures of the rocks with the shine, smoothness and beauty of the glass. I also want this style of mosaic to appear to be forming out of the natural background rather than be simply stuck there as a decoration. It's not perfect but I will continue to perfect this look until I am happy with it. I first did the mosaic on an Easyboard cutout, then adhered it to the wall with Thinset and grouted in place.

Frog Bites Along the Trail

Frog Bites Along the Trail

I spotted this one on a post down the trail and began moving in, but it took off to swoop down into the marsh & grab a frog.
Instead of flying off to find a tree, it flew back to land on the trail in front of me and allowed me to slowly move in.
It ate most of the frog ( all but one leg ) when we heard a Great Horned Owl.
The hawk immediately began looking around, grabbed the last frog leg, and took off.
Aahhhh.... but what a great few moments on the trail :)

Have a great weekend, everyone !!


outdoor frog decorations

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